Affordable, comfortable, and convenient. It's easy to live here.

Oscar Hokold is the originator and owner of Hokold Development. Named for a Norwegian King and American President (Oscar 'Teddy' Hokold), he was the son on an immigrant and grew up in Tacoma in the 1920's. During the depression, Oscar lived in a tent while working as a logger and attending high school. Thriftiness and hard work were the essentials to his success.

Throughout the 20th century, he invested in and purchased land in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He always had a vision to equip its residents, travelers, and guests with safe, comfortable, and convenient amenities and services at affordable fares.

Hokold Development is proud to provide ten rental communities within Tacoma, Washington. We take great pride in ensuring each of our communities is well maintained, clean, affordable, and conveniently located. After all, life at home should be the one place in our busy world that is as simple and easy as possible.

Each of our apartments has spacious floor plans. You can find Studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom options to fit your needs. Each feature and amenity reflects the commitment we have to providing our residents the means to live comfortably without the extravagance that can pinch a budget.